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  • Is Campfire Coffee Liqueur Gluten Free?
    We are not currently certified as gluten-free, however we do not believe that we have any gluten in our liqueur. If you have a gluten allergy (as does Jon) you should be safe. If you are celiac, you can try at your risk and provide us with feedback if you notice any reactions. We will be having our product tested shortly to verify that it is gluten-free and will update this information once it's available.
  • What is the base of your product?
    The alcohol base is a 6x distilled corn based vodka.
  • What is your alcohol content?
    Our alcohol content is 20% and 40 proof. Therefor, our liqueur can be sold at establishments that carry a beer and wine license.
  • What makes your product different than other coffee liqueurs?
    Campfire Coffee Liqueur has a unique flavor profile. You will immediately discover the quality when you smell the liqueur. The coffee flavor is a medium-bodied columbian roast. The vodka is smooth and clean. The quality madagaskar vanilla and sugar blend create a beautiful aroma and flavor providing you with a very delightful beverage. Side by side with competitors you will find that our product only leaves a subtle lingering tasty flavor after consuming, our competitors tend to leave a bitter or chemical lingering after taste.
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